Customer pick up option- Avoid delivery fee


What is a Customer Pickup?

You pick up/Return inflatables and/or party equipment from our warehouse, do the setup yourself, and enjoy the equipment for A little longer at no additional cost! Don't worry If you have never set up a bounce house before. We will provide you with guidance and direction so you
will be able to set up your bouncer like a pro in no time!

Why would I want to pick it up?

Some customers have orders below our required amount for delivery ($120) or have delivery fees and would like an option to make the rental more affordable. Some customers find that some of our inflatables are perfect for their event and are outside our delivery range.

Rules & Instructions for Customer Pick-up/Return

**Monday - Saturday Events:
Pick up the day before your event between 1 and 5 PM and return the day after your event between 9 and 11 AM. If returned late, fees will be incurred.

**Sunday events:
Pick up Sunday between 9 and 11 AM and return Monday between 10 AM and 11 AM.

1. You must use a vehicle that allows for the safe hauling of the rented equipment. For safety, we ask you to provide straps to secure the equipment in your vehicle. A pickup truck, large SUV, or Van is required for inflatables, Round Tables. You can pick up any of our concession machines, 6 ft Tables and chairs, with a car or truck.

2. It is recommended that you have a hand dolly or direct offloading access from your vehicle to your setup location. This ensures that the heavy inflatable is not dragged across the ground at your site, which may damage the equipment.

3. It is also recommended that at least two strong people help set up, maneuver, and move the bounce house once you arrive at the setup location. Bounce houses can weigh over 200 pounds and require heavy lifting.

4. You agree not to set up the bounce house on rocks, sticks, tree root systems, or other obstructions that might damage the inflatable.

5. You agree to return the equipment in the same condition you received from our warehouse. We will charge you a $25 roll-up fee if inflatables are not re-rolled neatly upon return.

6. Payment of your deposit by credit card is required. Once the deposit is paid, you may pay your balance at pickup with cash or credit card.


* ADD any product below to your cart

* CHOOSE 6 HOUR TIME FRAME for your event
(even though your rental is longer than 6 hours, we need a 6-hour time frame, so the system doesn't charge you for additional time)

* SELECT "Customer Pickup" from the order option drop-down menu.

*CHECKOUT and pay the minimum deposit required, and you all set!

Once your order is submitted, Our system sends automatic emails to confirm your reservation and reminds you as your dates get closer.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with the Customer Pickup order option, please call us at (832) 970-9906


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